About Us

Home Alone Products Pvt Ltd (HAPPL) is a company based out of New Delhi, India and operates under its flagship brand "Life".

It boasts of essentially 2 divisions :
1) Snacks & Beverages:
We deliver healthy fulfilling snacks right to your doorstep! With over 50 SKU's of snacks and beverages, this division for the company started only about 2 years ago, and has soon found making its footprint in online as well offline retail channels, forming a loyal customer base along the way.
2) Catering & Services:
We have a multi-cuisine exhaustive menu of food items spanning across most regions covering Pan-India and the famous European, Italian and Chinese cuisines. With over 400 dishes freshly made to order, we cater to many events such as home parties, get togethers, kitty parties, weddings, baby showers, corporate events, corporate gifting and more.

HAPPL was primarily promoted by Mrs. B. Sanghi, who established the company with the catering business in 2007 and has more than 5000 retail customers with fresh food made to order.

Mr. G. Sanghi, technocrat, MBA in Marketing with a Minor in Finance, joined the business in 2018 with a vision to retail healthy snacks, in the packaged foods segment, innovating with diverse flavours and exploring of niche markets. The products can be found in organised retail channels like Godfrey Philips 24x7, Modern Bazaar, Le Marche, Needs Super Markets, 37 Krishna Marche, Amazon, Flipkart, and other general trade stores, increasing its presence across India.

All new innovation in products, packaging and technology are being developed under his guidance and supervision.